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Barefoot Max

Barefoot MaxHi. I created this site to help you discover the wonders of running barefoot. There are many great people associated with this movement who I profile here.

One of my life goals is when I'm 74 to beat a 19 year old in a marathon. This would avenge my earlier defeat. (He did not look like he was 74 when he passed me). I believe the barefoot running technique will make that possible. Recently, I have been encouraged with the growing number of 100 year olds who have completed marathons.

"Why am I running in my boxers?" you may ask. In addition to my affinity for barefoot running I am an inventor. I invented a patented new fly that does not gap open. The fly passed the test at the 2nd Annual NYC Barefoot Run. For more information on the fly click on or

I encourage you to sign up for the 3rd Annual NYC Barefoot run. It will be held on Governor's Island in New York City in 2012. Brother and sister, John and Maggie Durant have created one of the best events I have ever attended. I will post the date once its established. For more information click on the link

"In the beginning they question. At the end they follow." MH

Sales Craze Gone Wild

According to sporting goods market research firm Sports One Source, sales for barefoot-friendly running shoes shot up more than 280% over the same period last year.

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Born to Run- Chris McDougall

Chris McDougall

Chris McDougall is the author of the book that started it all. A great book that inspires you. Provides a great story yet offers intriguing theories.

Here is a great New York Times article by Chris Click Here

Click the link below to go to Chris McDougall's web site


Barefoot Ken Bob

Barefoot Ken Bob

Barefoot Ken Bob is called the grandfather of barefoot running. He has completed over 70 marathons barefoot.

His book is the how to manual for running barefoot from the master. A good instructional manual with many pleasant anecdotes.

Click on the book to go to Barefoot Ken Bob's site.

Barefoot Step

Barefoot Ted

Barefoot Ted

Barefoot Ted is one of the characters in the "Born to Run" book,

Barefoot Ted runs 100 mile cross country races either barefoot or equipped with his Vibram five finger shoes.

We can credit Barefoot Ted with the rise in popularity of the Vibrams. He was the first one to approach the company and suggest their shoe would be great for running. They thought he was nuts. Today their everywhere.

To find out more about Barefoot Ted click on the link